Event Psychology Lab: Science-backed Tools for Creating Remarkable Events

Victoria Matey
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Event planning is a tough job.

Poor engagement.

Low retention.

High no-show rates.

Guessing game on pricing.

Increased stakeholder expectations.

Intense competition.

Changing behavior patterns, like last minute cancellations or registrations.

Inefficient ROI for exhibitors and sponsors.

Networking challenge.

Zoom fatigue online.

Social fatigue in-person.

All this on top of production issues and a 24/7 schedule.

But there's a better way to solve many challenges and make an event planner or owner's job easier: design experiences based on human psychology. Why?

Because everyone has a brain, and because experiences take place in people’s minds, first and foremost.

Understanding how people think and why they behave the way they do will allow you to fine-tune your event design and communications, achieve your goals faster, and better cope with ever-changing event landscapes.

The Event Psychology Lab covers some key behavioral science concepts and is packed with examples of how you can use it for your events, references to research, and case studies.

This course is a unique opportunity to upgrade your industry skills and gain a competitive edge without adding to your already busy schedule.

Being able to apply science findings related to experience design, marketing, and business is among the top future-ready skills for event planners. The course will open up more opportunities for you and help you design remarkable events, easy.

Here’s how event professionals like you feel about the course:

"I’m delighted to have completed Victoria Matey’s Event Psychology Lab e-Learning course! I have lost count of the number of actionable tips and tricks I have learned! I would highly recommend this course to both seasoned eventprofs and newcomers to the industry!”

"Victoria Matey is doing groundbreaking work to uncover the true value of event psychology”

This course is for you if you're looking to create engaging, outstanding, and ultimately profitable experiences.

This is a fascinating journey full of discoveries about human nature and mind. Investing in it is what smart eventprofs do.

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A 3-hour on-demand course with bite-sized video content. Each lesson provides actionable, science-based tactics that you can use immediately. You'll also get access to over 100 references and resources, 15 checklists, a certificate of completion, and an individual session with me!


Event Psychology Lab: Science-backed Tools for Creating Remarkable Events

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